FAQ How to adjust the laser focal length?

About laser focal length:
Laser focal length refers to the state when the laser energy of the laser tool head reaches the maximum. At this time, the spot during processing is the smallest and the energy is the strongest. Generally, the laser focal length will be set uniformly when the equipment leaves the factory. However, the focal length of laser tool head may change slightly due to transportation process or human factors. If it is found that the processed lines are not clear or the trace is very shallow when engraving the default file model, you may need to adjust the laser focal length. When adjusting the focal length, you must wear goggles.
[laser focus adjustment mode]
*This step has a detailed video tutorial. It is recommended to read the manual and then learn through the video tutorial to deepen the impression.
(1) Remove the soft magnetic board and wood board on the printing platform, and directly expose the metal bottom plate.
(2) Put on the goggles, enter the menu: utility > set laser focus > step1: Auto home, and return to zero.
(3) Wait for each axis to return to the initial position, and then proceed to step 2: move to center. At this time, the tool head moves to the center position.
(4) If the spot is too large, rotate the lens on the laser head to adjust the size of the spot. When the visual spot is the smallest, the current state is the focus state.
(5) Perform Step4: adjust finish to finish the focusing.