FAQ – What should I Do if my LCD shows Probe reset error

Answer: Probe reset error means there is something wrong with your Auto-home circle. And auto-home collect signal form three parts, X-axis sensor-axis wire, motherboard. So if there is anything wrong with these three part it will show the error message. Please see the blow step to make sure which parts is faulty in your case:
1. Please turn one the machine and move the towards the X-axis sensor (Hit the motor outer case) and observe, when you pass the toolhead slot into the sensor slot if the sensor red light lighten up or not. If the light is lightening up it means the sensor is alright. There is something wrong with your wire or motherboard. If the light is not lightening up it means your sensor is not working.




2. If your sensor light is on and then your wire need to be replaced. As our Motherboard is very hard to damaged. So most probably your wire is bad. Maybe in some place it’s broken or failure to pass the signal correctly.
Please contact our Support about the replacement parts.