FAQ After the gcode file is selected, the display shows: “Gcode selection error printer halted please reset”

"The reason for this is that the firmware of the tool head used does not match the software. TOYDIY is a four in one printer. Four functions (FDM single / dual, Laser / CNC is composed of four different tool heads (FDM single / double, laser / CNC), and three sets of different firmware (different firmware will display FDM 3D printer / laser 3D printer / CNC 3D respectively on the screen) If a tool head A is installed, but B firmware and C software are used, it will cause equipment failure, the display will alarm, and the equipment will be damaged in serious cases. In order to use the device correctly, the user must be able to master how to switch tool head and firmware function correctly and effectively.
This step has a very detailed video tutorial, it is recommended to read the manual pages 24 before passing the video tutorial Learn to impress.
Solution: use the same tool head, firmware status and software slice, for example, FDM tool head corresponds to FDM 3D printer corresponds to FDM single head slice."