TOYDIY 4in1 3D Printer FAQ- How to use the function of switching tool head in menu correctly?

1. Why switch Toolheads?

This machine is a 4-in-1 3D Printing equipment. It is necessary to use firmware configuration parameters of different functions (tool heads) to ensure the normal use of the equipment. [Tool Head Object] + [Firmware Configuration (Menu Display Tool Head Status)] + [Correct Slice File] can work normally in the same type of situation, otherwise it will cause device abnormalities. That is, after you use FDM printing, if you need to use laser function, you must first switch to laser function on the screen menu and ensure that it works before you can use laser function properly.

2. Why did the switch fail?

When switching the tool head function, the user clicks through the menu function to switch step by step, and then the system writes the corresponding configuration file content in the motherboard. There is a certain probability that the process itself will fail to write. On the other hand, because of the bug in the old version of firmware, some redundant operations of customers will guide. Write failed. The above two factors are the reasons why customers often fail in switching tool head functions.

3. How to switch tool head correctly?

We strongly recommend that customers use the equipment after updating to the latest firmware and slicing software. The latest firmware download address and update method can be found in our Download Center ( We will continue to release new versions of firmware and slicing software to solve and optimize more problems. The new version of firmware has basically solved this problem and brought better user interface.

If the customer still wants to use the old version of firmware for special reasons, after the switch head enters the menu Utility > Change ToolHeader > Change to FDM Header, click Finish in the last step (see figure below), do not continue to operate the button and keep waiting for 10 seconds before restarting the device. This handover process is not prone to errors.