TOYDIY 4in1 Printing process issues

1. FDM print first layer non-stick base plate

Phenomenon: In FDM 3D printing, the first layer is always unstuck and warped.

Reason check: Limited by the power and size of the whole machine, TOYDIY can not print ABS material. Usually, if there is no large plane at the bottom of the model, it is recommended to print raft. When printing PLA material, it is recommended to set the base plate temperature to 50; Coating the printing platform with solid glue will be good to bonding the model and the base plate.

Solution: Follow the recommended to set model parameters , and the effect of using solid glue is very ideal.

2.  Laser Engraving in the printing process points of light is very large, did not carve out the pattern

Phenomenon: When using the Laser engraving function, you can see that the laser is open with photoelectricity, but the spot of light is very big, and no pattern is carved.

Cause investigation: When the distance between the laser and the workpiece surface is the focal length, the light spot is a very small point; When it's not in focus, it's a big dot.

Solution: Determine the reason the print is not in focus. Please place the processed object before printing. The Laser Toolhead will detect the thickness of the processed object. If the work is not placed when the Laser Toolhead is set to zero after the start of printing, the work thickness must be specified with the work thickness parameter in EcubWare. See instructions for video or instructions for Laser printing section. If it is determined that it will be performed as required and if it is still unable to focus, the focal length needs to be adjusted. Refer to the video tutorial for details.

3.  CNC Craving and milling in the printing process, part of the processing pattern, another part of the processing pattern

Phenomenon: CNC craving and milling processing, processing surface in some places have traces, some places do not.

Reason check: Because of the cutter and processing surface is not level, so part can not be processed.

Solution: CNC carving function at the time of use, the printer is unable to realize automatic leveling function, users need in preparing product installation, set processing origin, judging by moving the XY plane of the machined part and tool level degree, in the bottom of the lower part by increasing the mat to adjust processing surface level degree.