TOYDIY 4in1 Preparatory phase

1. Unable to start-up

Phenomenon: After plugging in the power cable, turn on the power switch button. The indicator lightening is not light up and the screen is not lightening up.

Reason check: This phenomenon usually means there is no power on the whole machine, please check whether the power adapter light, if there is no light, please check whether the city power socket is work. If the power lamp is on, check that the power adapter is plugged into the device.

Solution: Replace the position of the power socket, and re-plug the connection between the power adapter and the device to ensure that the plug is tight.

2.  Screen flower screen, White screen, No display

Phenomenon: After power on, the screen light up but display content is not normal, such as white screen or display corruption.

Reason check: This phenomenon is usually caused by unstable current or electromagnetic interference around.

Solution: Turn off the power and wait for more than 5 seconds before restarting.

3. Temperature display alarm 

Phenomenon: After power on, Err:MAX MINTEMP PRINTER HALTED Please reset

Reason check: The thermistor in the Toolhead is damaged or not insert the ToolHead Flat Cable 

Solution: Reboot the equipment and replug the Toolhead line to confirm this phenomenon. If it is still the same after reboot, it indicates that the thermistor has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

4.  SD card contents cannot be read

Phenomenon: After power on, the SD card cannot be read when the SD card is inserted for printing.

Reason check: Make sure the SD card is inserted in the right direction, and then re-insert and unplug the SD card. If it cannot be displayed, re-format it and insert it again. Please ensure that the SD card has a gcode file, the name of which is in English.

Solution: Re-insert and unplug the SD card. If it still cannot be solved, please contact to our company.

5.  The menu switch tool header function cannot be activated

Phenomenon: After changing the Toolhead in the menu of the screen, it still not change after rebooting the device.

Reason check: When the Toolhead is selected from the menu, it will take some time to change the firmware program within the system. It is recommended to click "ok" at the last step and wait for more than 5 seconds before reboot the device.

Solution: Do it again to ensure that the wait for validation is more than 5 seconds.

6.  Cannot return to zero (X, Y, impact cannot return to zero, Z cannot return to zero)

Phenomenon: When the autohome operation is performed or the system autohome before printing, a certain axis can not back to zero (usually there will be a strong krkr sound).

Reason check: When returning to zero, check out whether the endstop is triggered (if the endstop is triggered, the indicator light will be bright) at first. If the indicator light is not lightening up, it means that the endstop is not triggered or the endstop line is not plugged tightly. It is necessary to replug the endstop to ensure that the endstop works normally.

Solution: Make sure the endstop can be triggered normally and the red light will be on when it is triggered, otherwise the endstop may be damaged. See the video tutorial for details.

7.  Automatic reboot

Phenomenon: When the autohome is performed, the device will reboot automatically after the autohome is completed.

Reason check: Ensure the normal connection of Toolhead line. Observe the autohome process of  the device. If the auto leveling probe on the Toolhead is not pressed or lifted normally, the system will determine the abnormality and reboot.

Solution: Remove the Toolhead to check whether the press down and up of the automatic leveling mechanism of the Toolhead is smooth. If there is obvious stuck, please check out the video tutorial.

8.  Z-offset setting is not successful. The first layer is so close or so far to the platform

Phenomenon: When FDM Toolhead is printed, the first layer is so close or so far to the printing platform.

Reason check: When the equipment leaves the factory, we will set an appropriate Z-offset value, but when the equipment hardware is replaced, remove and assemble, the Z-offset value may change accordingly. Generally, when FDM prints the first layer, if the nozzle is too far away from the platform, the Z-offset value needs to be reduced (for example, from -0.2mm to -0.8mm). When FDM prints the first layer, the nozzle is too close to the platform so that the thread can not be extruded. In this case, the Z-offset value needs to be increased (for example, from -0.8mm to -0.2mm).

Solution: Adjust Z-offset value appropriately. Refer to the video tutorial for details.

9.  The Toolhead can not be reset after changing

Phenomenon: After the change toolhead, the X-axis can not return to zero normally when the device autohome, and the device reboot abnormally or the X-axis limit switch can not be hit.

Reason check: Make sure the connection of toolhead flat cable is normal.Besides, because each toolhead has a certain size deviation in the production process, it will cause a certain deviation in the return to zero position of the X-axis. If this situation occurs during the head changing, it needs to fine-tune the fixed position of the x-endstop to adjust and trigger thehome position of the X-axis.

Solution: Adjust the position of the oval positioning hole of the X endstop to change the position of the endstop and match the zero position of different Toolheads. Refer to the video tutorial for details.

10.  FDM failed to feed/unscrew, plug

Phenomenon: When selecting the function of load filament/unload filament, there is no filament extruded or filament unload in the nozzle.

Reason check: It is necessary to set an appropriate load or unload temperature (ensure that the load

or unload temperature of PLA material is above 195 degrees). After the temperature setting is work, the extruder on the back of TOYDIY can be checked for normal rotation after heating. If not, the extruder is abnormal. If the extruder is working normally and makes a tatata sound, it is a sprinkler plug.

Solution: If a jam appears, check out the video tutorial.